Kean's Free Range Eggs are farm fresh eggs that are produced by hens that are fed the finest quality locally grown grains.

On our farm we mix all our feed to ensure the highest quality feed is fed to our birds.

Our hens live on our free range farm in the outdoors with fresh, clean air, free of city noise and pollutants. Our hens are able to eat, exercise and socialize as they like. They have lots of room to run, forage and flap their wings and and often don't utilize the space provided for them. Our yards range from 2500 - 5500 birds per hectare, being well under the National Standard. 

All our hens are let out from their barns every day unless inclement weather (heavy rain/winds etc), to ensure their safety and comfort. They are let out first thing in the morning and once they all have made their way back indoors at their own leisure, on dark usually, we close all their doors to protect them from predators. All our birds have constant access to their feed and water 24 hours a day.

The hens lay in their nest every day and eggs are collected daily to ensure freshness. They are graded and packaged in our clean and modern facilities then delivered straight out to our customers in our modern, refrigerated transport.

For us to have good egg production it is vital to us to have happy hens and we pride ourselves on having exactly that. We welcome those customers that wish to visit our farm to contact us and we are always more than happy to show them around.

There are many benefits of free range eggs. They are tastier, healthier, more environmentally friendly and more humane.
We invite you to taste the difference.


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